With DQE, Bip&Go makes its qualified customer database a service lever and an anti-fraud tool.
Subsidiary of the Group Sanef (an Abertis company), Bip&Go markets Liber-t electronic toll subscriptions valid on freeways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy as well as in nearly 800 equipped parking lots.

25,000 email addresses invalidated in the past by ISP servers that were no longer responding could be requalified as existing and reachable. Bip&Go was able to to re-establish contact with these customers, propose new offers and generate additional revenue.

Michael Bouyer
Data Protection Project Manager – Bip&Go
Use case
Bip&Go’s Liber-t electronic toll collection system simplifies toll collection on freeways in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal and in equipped parking lots. Bip&Go markets Liber-t through online subscription and manages the relationship with 1.7 million subscribers in France and Europe. For the past two years, the company has also offered a mobile application with value-added services such as a localized search for gas stations or the reservation of spaces in partner parking lots.
When Bip&Go was created, it acquired a new customer database. This database gathers data from a historical database of the Sanef Group initiated in the 90’s, and new entries in an omnichannel context (customer selfcare entries on the website and entries by customer service).
Bip&Go must be able to rely on reliable customer information at many points in the customer journey. This is the case for sending an activation code by text message upon subscription, confirming transactions by email or sending the badge to the right address. “We also wanted to cut down on fraud scenarios, such as the use of temporary mail addresses,” explained Michael Bouyer, project manager in charge of new business and information systems projects, website security and data protection at Bip&Go.
In 2020, he decided to improve the quality of the entire database.
Bip&Go drew up a set of specifications to select its Data Quality Management solution. The requirements involved the control of new entries in real time, the curative treatment of the installed database and the identification of missing data to be recovered, for example BtoB accounts with incomplete legal information.
The results of an audit test clearly pointed to DQE: its DataQ solution delivered the most complete and consistent results out of three competing solutions,” Bouyer said. The simplicity of its integration convinced the Bip&Go team.
In October 2020, DataQ, DQE’s Data Quality solution, went into production on the subscription tunnel in preemptive mode to control all new entries in real time, with autocomplete form entry assistance. Autocompletion and real-time control were then extended to the entries of customers who modify their account online in their subscriber area, and then to customer service workstations. Bip&Go continued its Data Quality approach by curatively processing its installed database, once qualified incoming flows were guaranteed.
A customer relationship free of irritants
With DQE, Bip&Go ensures the reliability of data and the reachability of contacts at different stages of the customer journey, thus avoiding cases of non-received messages or undelivered mailings.
In addition, input help and customer data checks in real time generate substantial time savings for the customer service department in charge of corporate accounts with complex, multi-badge contracts, sometimes handwritten in paper form. “With autocomplete, customer service avoids tedious manual verification,” explained Michael Bouyer. “BtoB account forms are automatically filled in with all legal company information from the registration number. This helps customer service keep up with the high season for Bip&Go subscriptions and vacation departures”.
Qualification of the reactive contact base
The curative treatment of the database, which was regularly repeated, identified nearly 8,000 historical clients who needed to update their contact information, including those who had moved. Bip&Go was able to ask them to verify their information – a good way to re-launch the relationship with them.
In addition, “Thanks to the DQE solution, 25,000 email addresses that had been invalidated in the past by ISP servers that were no longer responding could be requalified as existing and reachable. Bip&Go was able to re-establish contact with these customers, provide them with new offers and generate additional revenue,” said Bouyer.
Data Quality, a tool in the fight against fraud
DQE advised us on the best methodology. In real time on the selfcare, it helped us to define the rules to spot suspicious entries, without hindering the subscriptions of other customers,” said Michael Bouyer. ” DQE helps us block fraudulent new subscribers.
Another case of fraud avoided: as long as Bip&Go did not have verification and standardization of postal addresses, a fraudster could modify the entry of a postal address to avoid blacklisting. With DQE, Bip&Go recognizes that it is the same contact to be permanently blocked.






Reactivation of tens of thousands of contacts in a requalified historical database
Enrichment of the customer base
Save time for users and customer service with form entry assistance

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