DQE Solution Security Management

DQE guarantees the highest level of security for its services and data protection


Security, the no. 1 priority for DQE's technical teams

DQE, an ISO 27001-certified publisher you can trust

DQE develops and industrializes its Data Quality solutions in compliance with the most stringent IT security requirements. DQE guarantees the highest level of data protection, thanks in particular to its Saas and On-Premise solutions, and has obtained ISO 27001 certification from AFNOR for all its operational processes.

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Your data will be processed within certified datacenters, which have passed several IT security audits such as ISO27001, HSS and PCI-DSS with the highest availability standards (TIER III+, TIER IV). DQE also ensures the redundancy of all Datacenter critical systems: all the equipment and servers are at least doubled to guarantee a backup solution in the event of a major technical problem.

All the automations for administration and infrastructure growth operate according to the highest security standards and best practices.

Improving our security systems and GDPR compliance

DQE is pursuing a continuous improvement approach to guarantee you optimal security adapted to new threats.

In this way, DQE regularly works alongside security firms specializing in PENTEST to monitor new hacking attempts and the development and security best practices to put in place.

In terms of standards and regulations, DQE is contractually bound to follow the current regulations in the countries where DQE operates. DQE’s headquarters is located in France, and data protection and confidentiality are key elements for the company’s business, in accordance with the GDPR.