Data Quality for retailers and e-tailers

From collection to updating in real time, maintaining data quality is a real challenge for retailers and e-merchants, for which DQM is essential.

They have chosen the DQE One solution for their B2C databases

Improve the customer experience at
the point of sale with assisted data entry

Are you dreaming of a seamless customer experience? The DQE One solution provides it. Fostering a customer’s loyalty above all means getting to know them to recognize them better.

With multiple touchpoints with customers (shops, websites, mobile apps, social networks, chatbots, etc.), retail and e-commerce brands have valuable points for data collection today.

This goldmine enables you to customize and facilitate the customer journey, whether it is B2B or B2C, provided, of course, that you’ve collected quality data in accordance with the GPDR.


Retailers 2.0, offer a personalized
and omnichannel experience

Improve the acquisition of new customers in your database

Recruiting new customers in-store may be time-consuming for your advisors. Manually entering your customers’ contact details is a significant obstacle to building a database at points of sale. DQE solutions enable you to remove these irritants by facilitating the input of customer information to improve the user experience.

Managing the deliverability of your marketing operations

The manual entry of customer information is a source of errors at points of sale. Duplicates, bounced emails, inactive phone numbers... all this incorrect information prevents you from deploying a high-quality marketing strategy at minimal cost. Your acquisition, retention or loyalty programs must not be affected by this lack of quality.

Improve customer knowledge

Thanks to a consolidated view of your customers, you can deploy personalized loyalty programs that are adapted to your customers’ profiles and enhance their feeling of belonging, by relying on exhaustive and reliable data. You can therefore segment your database better, seize new sales opportunities and make product recommendations.


Data Quality Management
serving the customer relationship

E-commerce has strongly accelerated with the pandemic.

Consumers’ habits have changed, and they expect a flawless customer experience.

To foster their customers’ loyalty and gain new ones, e-merchants must respond to these requirements by facilitating the buying journey while limiting the risk of fraud.


Obtain an optimal level of reliability
in the customer data gathered

Improve the customer journey

Thanks to the assisted input of customer information, your forms become interactive, and the customer journey is smoother, improving your conversion rates. The DataQ solution enables you to collect and verify your customers’ contact details more quickly.

Guarantee delivery and customer satisfaction

Shipping is a major cost for e-merchants and has an impact on customer satisfaction. Save money by limiting missed deliveries and the related costs of handling parcel returns and re-shipping.

Reduce the risk of fraud with online orders

Anticipate the risks of identity fraud by checking on your e-commerce website in real time that a contact making an online purchase does live at the address indicated and that the email address and phone number entered are active.

Monetize reliable customer data

If you generate income with the customer database put together by your organization, ensure the quality and reliability of the database you sell to third parties by processing it with the DQE One solution.

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