Review the quality of
your customer data

The DQE experts are at your disposal to test the quality of your customer data.


Check the quality of your customer
data with DQE

DQE checks the quality of customer databases via an audit of your customer database or

enables you to test the quality of customer data in real time, when it is collected.

Two options are available to test our solutions

Database audit

Carry out a one-shot quality audit of your data processed on our servers. Free on a significant sample of 10,000 contacts.

Test in real time

Demo environment available to test input help and the checking of data collected in real time. Test duration defined upstream.

DQE identifies anomalies affecting the quality of your data

For each of these options, a quality audit report enables you to identify data quality problems in your systems. The results are communicated to you as KPIs: % duplicates in the database, % deliverable emails, number of invalid or unreachable phone numbers, % undeliverable postal addresses…

Depending on the results obtained and the business lines concerned, we’re able to support you in defining an ROI and offer you suitable solutions to improve the quality of your customer data.

Please feel free to contact our teams to plan a free audit for up to 10,000 contacts.

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