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Optimize customer data steps in omnichannel.


Increase your digital performance with Data Quality

In the midst of a company’s digital transformation, there is no shortage of challenges for your digital and omnichannel management, particularly with the aim of increasing the conversion rate of prospects or improving the productivity of your teams, especially those interfacing with the customer.

All of these challenges highlight customer data issues - you need to provide an input experience that doesn’t discourage further progress in the digital journey, verify identities to combat fraud, and provide internal departments with reliable and comprehensive customer data for further use.

Use case

E-commerce and digital business: collect reliable and profitable data

Whether it is done by customers or by the company's teams, the input of contact information must be optimized in terms of ease and accuracy. DQE solutions offer several data entry and verification support tools for entering reliable and usable customer information, conducive to an engaging digital journey and to the efficiency of internal teams.

With many retailers and online service offers, the journey starts with the creation of a personal account for the customer. This step can jeopardize the rest of the journey if it is too tedious. To make sure customers enter their data completely, DQE offers state-of-the-art capabilities for autocompleting forms. In particular, its solutions recognize the entry of an address to the nearest character and complete the number fields according to the most reliable reference systems on the market. For the online prospect or customer, the input experience becomes intuitive and welcoming in the digital journey.

When a new customer record is created, an identity check may create delays in the process of onboarding new customers. DQE offers fast and efficient control functions, such as the ID Mobile solution offered in partnership with French service operators who provide real-time proof of addresses that they have previously validated. This identity verification helps prevent attempts at fraud. In addition, for any erroneous entry of an email or phone number there is an immediate alert. For internal teams, this means they are sure that they are working with usable and reliable customer data.

Deploying DQE solutions increases the quality of customer data collection at digital points of contact. Automatic data entry allows many more forms to be completed with data that is reliable and verified. The teams that work on this data collected online are better able to use it if the customers are clearly identified in terms of their identity, contact information and contact habits with the company.

DQE solutions optimize the digital journey of customers and prospects, the quality of the data collected online and the efficiency of the teams that use the data afterwards. This results in many gains, starting with lowering the rate of customers that do not complete their information. But that’s not all: DQE also helps optimize the physical relay of product deliveries directly to the right addresses. In addition, quality customer data contributes to much more rewarding customer service initiatives for teams that have the means to identify, know and understand their customers.

Thanks to the DQE solution,25,000 email addresses invalidated in the past by ISP servers that were no longer responding could be requalified as existing and reachable. Bip&Go was able to to re-establish contact with these customers, propose new offers and generate additional revenue.

Michael Bouyer Data Protection Project Manager - Bip&Go

Thanks to the DQE technology, we have access to a very interesting quality of results. This performance allows us to correctly measure data quality within the BPCE group and all its banking establishments.

Antoine Mantelier Head of Group Data Management - BPCE

Within a few months of the deployment of the DQE entry assistance, our vendors have entered into the database complete and verified data of 20% more additional customers, meeting our recruitment objectives.

Ludivine Jallet CIO - Pacific Pêche

DQE allows us to know the real proportion of duplicates in our database, to deduplicate them and to find the exact number of customers present in the database - fundamental information for the Hess Automobile e-commerce project.

Simon Amaniera Group Chief Digital Officer, Hess Automobile

DQE helps our customers enter their shipping and contact information quickly and easily. This seamless experience drives conversion rates, and controlled entries ensure smooth delivery and addressing operations.

Nicolas Ferré Product Manager - Kusmi Tea