Data Quality for Energy and Industry

The collection and management of customer data is an essential vector of competitiveness and productivity for industrial and energy companies.

They have chosen the DQE One solution for their companies


Deploy effective sales and marketing initiatives

Following the opening of the industry and energy sectors, as well as the arrival of new players, these sectors are accelerating their transformation to focus on their customers and set themselves apart from their competitors.

Thanks to a resolutely Data Centric approach based on quality data, they are optimizing their productivity and gaining competitiveness.


Operational performance serving customers

In this way, industrial data plays a major role in industry 4.0 and the same applies for the customer data that industrial companies and energy players hold. Qualified and deduplicated data enables them to begin effective relationship marketing programs.

Collect high-quality customer data

Optimize the collection of customer data at all your touchpoints thanks to Data Quality Management solutions. Whether for an online quote request or a CRM form populated by your advisors, our solutions facilitate the entry of data in all the contact identification fields and make it reliable, which is necessary for signing contracts.

Making employee data quality reliable

Are you part of a group with several thousand employees? Is it time-consuming to record all their information in your HR database? Gain productivity by giving your HR department autocomplete solutions. This tool enables them to accelerate the input of data directly in your HRIS form and make it reliable.

Improve the quality of your databases

As much as your employees would like to, they cannot identify whether a phone number is inactive, if an e-mail address is no longer valid or if the contact has moved home. They cannot correct the thousands of contacts saved in databases reliably. Choose batch processing for your databases so that they benefit from the high-quality cleansing of your data.

Control your marketing budgets

Thanks to better customer knowledge based on quality data, you improve the impact of your relationship campaigns by addressing the right person, with the right offer, on the right channel. Also, you significantly reduce your bounce rates, increase your deliverability rates and spread your brand’s reputation.

Client database building program

The industrial sector relies on a network of resellers and retailers to market their products and must build and populate their B2B client databases through different client contact acquisition strategies (competitions, sampling and registrations for the warranty extension). The challenge is therefore to qualify, maintain and develop the client data they have gathered optimally.

Equipping ourselves with DQE One not only makes it possible to establish the priority given to data quality at Autobernard throughout the group, but also to make all the teams in the field more responsible.

Joris Dulac CRM Manager -

Thanks to the DQE solution,25,000 email addresses invalidated in the past by ISP servers that were no longer responding could be requalified as existing and reachable. Bip&Go was able to to re-establish contact with these customers, propose new offers and generate additional revenue.

Michael Bouyer Data Protection Project Manager - Bip&Go

Thanks to the DQE technology, we have access to a very interesting quality of results. This performance allows us to correctly measure data quality within the BPCE group and all its banking establishments.

Antoine Mantelier Head of Group Data Management - BPCE

DQE allows us to know the real proportion of duplicates in our database, to deduplicate them and to find the exact number of customers present in the database - fundamental information for the Hess Automobile e-commerce project.

Simon Amaniera Group Chief Digital Officer, Hess Automobile

DQE is a must-have to restore the quality of a customer database and maintain it in real time. In emailing campaigns, it insures solving the problem of bounces on ISP servers.

Marion Camurat Head of Marketing - ZAION