DQM for
Health and Education

Depending on your business sector, Data Quality meets your customer databases’ different updating, processing and deduplication needs.

They have chosen the DQE One solution for their organizations

Combine patient knowledgeand cost-effectiveness

Following the global pandemic, the healthcare sector has significantly changed: digitalized journeys, centralized patient files and online consultations. These changes highlight the needs for data quality, which is essential to the smooth operation of treatment systems.

Combining patient knowledge, quality of treatment and profitability is therefore a major challenge for healthcare organizations. There are many benefits:


Data Quality Management
serving healthcare organizations

Make patient data reliable as soon as it is input with autocomplete on all your forms to strengthen your identity monitoring approach.

Lasting patient databases

Avoid healthcare staff creating duplicate records which don’t take patients’ treatment history into account.

Easier identification

Reliably identify every patient as soon as they register, irrespective of the point of contact.

Single patient view

The healthcare staff have a single patient view throughout their care so that the ‘right treatment is given to the right patient at the right time’.

Contactability guaranteed

Have reliable and up-to-date patient contact data (e-mail, phone number and postal address).


Improve the performance of your relationship strategies

Maintaining the relationship between public and private higher educational institutions and their partner companies and students is essential. By relying on quality data, institutions are able to keep in contact, optimize apprenticeship tax collection and recruit new companies and new students.

Teams equipped with DQE solutions note three main benefits:


Maintain the relationship
with students and partner companies

Up-to-date alumni database

Above all, don’t lose contact with your alumni! Regular Data Cleansing operations enable you to identify and correct inaccurate data in your databases.

Easier student recruitment

Simplify the data entry journey for Companies and Students in your forms. Thanks to autocomplete and real-time verification, your forms are filled in correctly and the data collected is reliable.

Reliable partner company data

Get high-quality, structured B2B databases through a virtuous circle of enhancing the data collected and making it reliable. Consolidate your network and keep lasting contact with your partner companies!

Collecting the apprenticeship tax

By having reliable B2B databases, you can address all the companies listed in your databases and thereby increase your conversion rates in your apprenticeship tax collection campaigns.

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