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Do you want to work in a fascinating, innovative and booming tech company? Find out the three good reasons to join the adventure with DQE, expert in Customer Data Quality.

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DQE is an innovative software publisher that is excelling in the French technological industry, a fascinating and competitive environment.

The company designs and markets Data Quality Management solutions that meet the B2C or B2B customer data quality needs of companies in the midst of a digital transformation of their business, to enable them to acquire better customer knowledge.

DQE’s mission is to give companies the means to check the quality of their customer data at any time, over the long term and at every touchpoint.


Three good reasons to join the DQE

Join a booming software publisher that is developing rapidly in France and abroad thanks to innovative, cutting-edge solutions. DQE has rapidly become the benchmark on the French market with over 400 customers and many technological partners (Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.) and integrators (Talan, iComCloud, B&D, etc.). To follow the data market’s dynamic, DQE designs solutions that integrate natively with the different data applications deployed in companies: CRM, Marketplaces, Data Platform and Cloud (Heroku, Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.).

DQE is a robust company with a solid business model that enables it to self-finance its development: since it was founded, DQE hasn’t needed to raise funds. The company has been able to fund its expansion thanks to its robust business model, its customers’ loyalty and a satisfaction rate of over 97% observed. DQE solutions meet the needs of companies in the midst of a digital transformation of their business involving the optimal exploitation of their B2C or B2B databases.

DQE has a dynamic, expert and ambitious team with varied skills. DQE’s employees share the values of excellence, innovation and openness. DQE offers a stimulating and dynamic work environment where a desire to learn, progress and meet challenges together is shared by all the employees. Furthermore, the teams have experienced management that listens and values ‘bottom-up’ culture (all good ideas are examined).

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