Obtain a high-quality singlecustomer view (SCV) for all your touchpoints

The LOOK-UP module is a solution enabling you to perform a preexistence search from your front-end applications to avoid entering duplicates in your database. The look-up function incorporates advanced matching algorithms that make relevant suggestions without considering typing, abbreviations, or spelling errors.

In this way, you can immediately see whether a customer or prospect record is already in the appropriate database. Integrated in your front-end applications, LOOK-UP enables you to communicate with your single-customer view.

This feature is populated with customer information from all systems (e-commerce, ERP, SCV, etc.) and avoids reentry of existing customers’ information.


Find a customer or prospective customer contact in real time despite typos.

established beforehand by relevant users.


Why choose the LOOK-UP module?

Above all, to avoid creating duplicates in your B2B or B2C databases.

The LOOK-UP module gives you recognition and unique identification of your customers and contacts (customers and prospective customers). The single view of the contact available in your database enables you to develop a quality customer relationship. It’s now possible for your organizations to identify your customers at every stage of their journey and offer them a seamless experience across all channels. With LOOK-UP, you support your company’s SCV strategy and avoid the challenges of your contacts’ data being siloed.

The benefits of the LOOK-UP module

Real time

Identify a contact or customer in real time when they are input in your systems.

360° single view

The contact record is unique, centralized, and enhanced by multiple data sources.

Buying journey

Optimize the buying journey by identifying the golden record with unique, reliable and exhaustive data.

Customer knowledge

Improve the quality of all the data on a contact record thanks to autocomplete for postal addresses.

Effective communication

Communication campaigns are consistent and targeted with verified and relevant contact data.