Simplify data entry and check the quality and reliability of
email addresses collected

Check the quality of your emailbase
in depth

Our EMAIL solution enables you to check the integrity of email addresses instantly. It’s essential to have reliable email addresses to better guarantee your sender reputation and delivery of your critical email campaigns to customers and prospects.

Email addresses are notoriously incorrect, especially when users are entering information via a form. The main errors are usually typos, entering the wrong domain, or even deliberately sharing a fake email address.

To check the email addresses already stored in the customer database, secure database processing programs allow for regular or occasional batch processing.


Email autocomplete

DQE EMAIL technology suggests the most reliable email address in real time based on entered first and last names and common domains.

Verification of the actual existence of the contact’s name entered before the the @ sign.

Check on the existence of the domain name locally or abroad and detection of the email server.

Syntactic analysis identifies whether an email meets all the international syntactic email standards and detects input errors in real time (double @, special characters, etc.).


Why use the EMAIL module?

The benefits of the EMAIL module

Healthy database

Making the collection of email addresses reliable in real time enables you to enhance your databases.

Email deliverability

Improve deliverability rates for your email campaigns by maintaining your sender reputation with mailbox providers.

Boosted conversion

Optimization of marketing campaign conversion rates via a qualified contact database to reduce email bounces.


The detection of suspicious email addresses reduces fraud attempts.

Good to know

DQE’s “Secure IP” technology enables you to guarantee “unlimited checking” of email addresses while avoiding the risks of blocked calls made during email address verification.

Our DQE smart IP address rotation system avoids them being considered as spam. You can obtain information on the existence of the email addresses you want to test in an optimal way.

Check email addresses

Emails: key contact data for prospecting and building loyalty

The email addresses of prospects and customers are an important source of contact information for companies. Email remains the major way to distribute newsletters, updates, and marketing offers. Having valid and reliable email addresses is critical, whether a personal or business email address. For your contacts, they can be assured they’ll receive your emailseven if they’ve changed or deleted their original email address, or created a new one, even at a different mailbox provider. Email validation better guarantees the quality of mailing lists for your email marketing efforts.

Invalid email addresses have several unpleasant effects

An email list with too many invalid addresses affects the deliverability of your email campaigns. The amount of invalid addresses you contact vastly affects your sender reputation, thanks to the amount of undeliverable and bounced mail you generate. You’ll simply look like spammers to mailbox providers who will outright reject your mail., Poor email list quality also negatively affects customer relationship, with recipients potentially waiting for communication and not receiing any from you at all. Finally, email data quality management is essential for identifying fraudulent profiles among your audience and maintaining healthy mailing lists.

Email validation in the database and in incoming data

Valid incoming email addresses allow you to contact people without delay each time a new account is created in the customer database, or when they sign up for newsletters or promotional email. Sending welcome messages to these newly added email addresses is essential to avoid unsubscribes. Moreover, having verified addresses in your database ensures you can use a reliable list of contacts, regardless of the email addresses added, created or modified in your contacts' personal information. A controlled email campaign with high deliverability also creates more customer satisfaction, because it is no longer necessary to multiply contacts to obtain the exact address of a person.

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