Unify, deduplication and
database merging with ease

Duplicate processing and merging contacts and accounts
from your databases.

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Find out how to deduplicate your customer data with Unify.


Two modules dedicated to finding
and processing duplicates

UNIFY is composed of two modules dedicated to the deduplication and merging of your
customer databases.



Identifying and merging duplicates in your



Searching for pre-existing contacts from your applications.

Processing methods

Batch mode *

Batch-processing across all records selected in the database.
*Only for the DUPLICATE module

In real time

DQE UNIFY enables you to search for preexisting contacts and records, avoiding duplicates being created when new contacts are added.


The solution to unify
your customer

UNIFY is a solution to search for and process duplicates (deduplication) in your different customer databases. Our technology allows you to identify duplicate data and merge it for a 360° vision of your customers.

The possibilities for digital interaction between a company and its customers are multiplying alongside more traditional touchpoints. The chances of putting in disparate data in multiple records for the same individual are growing exponentially. The result is a fragmented vision of the customer in every system. These inconsistencies alter the overall opportunities and prevent companies from making the right decisions.


Deployment on the
cloud of your choice

The deduplication and merging engine is deployed on the company’s internal platforms or with main Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, and Heroku). Our processing activities are carried out in total compliance with GDPR. The Data Stewardship interface is available in Salesforce and is deployed directly via the AppExchange. Note all information is processed fully in your environments and does not leave your IT system. Also, the Golden Record and merging search rules are configured directly by the business teams and checked if necessary by the DPO.

Unify is also available in SaaS mode for curative treatments, which are then located in the DQE cloud. Priced by the month, Unify’s SaaS offering is the perfect solution for companies wishing to free themselves from the burden of hosting cloud infrastructure.

Deduplicated customer data is a performance lever

Clean your database of duplicates degrading it!

Deduplication is the key to successful marketing

When duplicate contacts, accounts, and customer records corrupt your customer data, it becomes difficult to fully leverage your database. The performance of your marketing efforts and customer service is likely to decrease. With DQE's Unify, duplicates in your customer data are detected and unified through deduplication tailored to your use cases.

What causes duplicate data?

Customer databases are often fed by various sources of data where, over time, they accumulate pieces of different information for the same individual. This leads to confusion in the system when a customer enters their first and last names at various points of contact with typographical differences, leading the database to believe they’re multiple unique people. It’s urgent to detect and delete the double occurrences before they cause real damage to your business.

The principle of deduplication and merging of customer data

Identifying duplicates and merging the data of the same customer on a single file enables unification. This « parent » customer file gathers the data on the original verified files and makes it possible to fill any data gaps, thus eliminating redundancies. Duplicate or triple contacts disappear. In addition, the preexistence search ensures no duplicates are created later.

Customer relationship and personalization

The advantages of deduplication for data marketing include customer relationship building and greater personalization. Deduplication allows you to eliminate duplicate files and avoid confusion, for example, mistaking a loyal customer for a stranger! An overview of all data collected for the same customer also gives you a full history of their contact with the company.

Effective marketing and emailing efforts

Deliverability is more reliable from a streamlined and consistent list of contacts than one filled with messy data. This eliminates redundancies and allows you to make better use of your contact lists for the benefit of more successful email marketing and direct marketing campaigns.

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