Succeed in your DQE One integration

DQE experts make every effort to provide you with the best support throughout your DQE One project.


DQE supports you at each stage of
your DQE One project

Our experience serving your Data Quality and Data Cleansing projects

The many projects carried out by DQE have enabled the teams to acquire solid experience and develop strong expertise in supporting our customers, irrespective of the project’s specific features. Our Data Quality and Data Cleansing experts carry out projects in agile mode and adapt to the different problems that you may encounter.

Our real-time solution implementation projects are fast and can be carried out independently by the customer in just a few hours. DQE provides access to the existing connectors and deployment procedures in the different business applications.

Batch data processing projects require a few days’ integration. These projects can be carried out by integrators that configure our customers’ business applications, in particular in Salesforce environments.

Our five-step method to carry out your projects

The projects follow the same implementation methodology whether they are carried out by integrators or DQE’s teams.


1. Kick-off

Project launch meeting and Data Quality rule definition business workshops. Drafting and validating functional specifications.

3. Settings

Configuration of Data Quality processes and the deduplication and customer data quality analysis rules.

5. Support

Support and assistance to customers throughout their DQE One project: Advice, Training, TPAM, Support.

2. Technical installation

Technical installation of test and production environments and drafting of the technical architecture file.

4. Deployment

Deployment of the solution in a production environment, skills transfer and assistance with start-up.

MyDQE portal

For all the solutions used, DQE provides the MyDQE portal to manage the relationship with its clients and partners simply and effectively.

This portal enables clients to monitor the use of their licenses as well as their consumption of the different packs they have subscribed to. This space also provides clients with technical documentation on the different modules of the DQE One solution.


Our API connectors

To facilitate the implementation of DQE technologies with our clients who adopt Data Cleansing, we offer connectors with the main publishers on the market.

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