Data Quality for the Services & Leisure sector

Data Quality Management solutions for a better customer experience and customer relationship management.

They have adopted the DQE One solution

Invest in an optimal customer

The Services, Leisure and Tourism sectors often have high abandonment rates and operate in an extremely competitive environment.

To gain market share and have a competitive advantage, agencies must invest in an ultra-efficient customer journey and detailed customer knowledge to provide an optimal experience.

Data quality management offers solutions to improve customer data entry in the booking stages and help perpetuate the customer relationship.


Why optimize the customer journey
and customer relationship

In order to offer an optimal customer journey, players in the Services and Leisure sector must be able to accelerate and simplify the booking stage and optimize the management of the customer relationship by relying on healthy and reliable customer data.

A smooth booking journey

Remove the irritants affecting the customer experience. Autocomplete accelerates and makes the customer data collected reliable, irrespective of the touchpoint (phone, chat, online booking form, etc.). By entering very few characters in the fields, suggestions enable you to select the full and accurate information directly.

A productivity gain

Automatically capture and check your customers’ data during the booking process. You thereby improve the effectiveness of your agents and/or the time spent by the customer entering their information. In this way, the user journey is optimized and you’re sure that the customer data collected has already been verified and approved.

An increase in booking rates

Simplify the ordering or booking process in an aim to optimize the conversion rate and make the databases reliable. The customer journeys provided must be as intuitive and smooth as possible. By checking the customer data during the booking process, you reduce the time and effort necessary to fill in a form.

Refined customer knowledge

By capitalizing on your data and giving it a central position, you can adapt to your customers’ expectations. Optimize the quality of the data and obtain reliable and lasting customer knowledge which is essential for your organization’s customer advisers and marketing teams and to improve the customer relationship.

Boosted sales and marketing performance

By simplifying the input of customer data in online booking, you guarantee the reliability and quality of the information entered. You thereby ensure the deliverability of your e-mail and mail campaigns, reduce the costs of undeliverable items, optimize the lead conversion rates and benefit from significant time saving.

A lasting customer relationship

Make your customer data reliable to benefit from better customer knowledge. Identify those who are moving home, keep contact and stay connected to their needs. Establish solid and sustainable relationships with your customers to develop and perpetuate your company’s commercial activity, at minimal cost, thanks to DQE One.

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