The DQE partner ecosystem

DQE collaborates with many partners to always offer the most efficient solutions on the data quality market

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DQE collaborates with the best professionals on the market to implement the DQE One solution. In this way, DQE is able to offer robust and efficient integrations that meet its customers’ needs perfectly.

Furthermore, DQE is continuously developing its partner ecosystem to constantly improve the relevance of its solutions, create more added value for its customers and help them achieve their goals. Together, we offer every organization the possibility to realize their ambitions in terms of Data Quality.


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Technology Partners

DQE develops innovative technological solutions in collaboration with its partners that meet the specific technological requirements of your organization. DQE adapts optimally to our customers’ environments. The DQE One solution is compatible with all cloud providers on the market.


Reliable data is essential to the success of digital transformation projects, which is why DQE offers direct integration of its technology with Salesforce, the leader in CRM solutions. Thanks to our connectors, DQE and Salesforce client companies can now perform data quality processing effortlessly, avoiding costly and burdensome projects. DQE’s solutions are available in Salesforce via the Appexchange.

Dynamics 365, an ERP software solution grouping your business processes.

Open-source e-commerce platform dedicated to retailers.

Publisher of a unified commerce platform for retail

Checkout and point of sale management software.

Customer activation and marketing automation software.

Data collection and interactive marketing platform.

Data Intelligence platform with a suite of interconnected and scalable solutions for customer engagement and performance.

End-to-end data management platform, from integration to data delivery.

On demand cloud computing platform provided by Amazon.

Microsoft’s hybrid and secure cloud computing service.

Cloud computing platform provided by Google.

Services platform dedicated to the deployment of web applications.

European leader in cloud computing and web hosting.

Our Integrator Partners

Our integrator partners, recognized for their business expertise and authorized to deploy
DQE One, support you in the deployment of our solutions.

Digital expert: digital transformation, Salesforce and Blockchain.

Group specialized in data exploitation and analysis.

Consulting firm, French Salesforce specialist.

Firm recognized in the field of CRM and digital transformation.

Data specialist: Data intelligence, ERP, Customer Experience, etc.

Expert in the digital transformation of your customer relationship.

Consulting in innovation and transformation through technology.

Publisher and integrator of enterprise solutions, Microsoft partner and pure player.

Our 'Digital Agency' Partners

Get support with peace of mind in the choice of our solutions by a DQE partner digital agency, to meet your strategic challenges in terms of Data Quality.

Agency specializing in the optimization of the user experience.

Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Acquisition, CRM and Data.

Publicis Group Datamarketing entity with 750 data, technological and marketing experts.

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