DataQ, checking
customer data quality

DataQ is a data quality management solution to check the
customer data at each touchpoint in real time and in
optmization mode.

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Eight modules to master the quality
of your data

DataQ comprises eight data quality management modules dedicated to checking and
optimizing all customer data (B2C and B2B): postal address, email, telephone number, title,
and legal information.



Helps with input and checks postal address reliability.



Helps with input and verifies email address integrity.



Checks the integrity of landline and mobile telephone numbers.



Helps with inputting and enhancing B2B legal information.



Enhances X,Y coordinates from postal addresses.



Checks and corrects titles, and first and last names.



Reliable form filling based on mobile subscriber data.



Identifies people who have relocated and updates postal addresses.

Processing methods

Batch mode

To clean and rectify the customer data in your databases via a CSV file to be processed or via “batch” API calls to our technologies.

In real time

To facilitate the input of your customers’ information and guarantee its integrity thanks to the integration of our technologies in your forms.


Data Quality and the multiplication of touchpoints

The exponential growth of digital transformation projects is increasing the number of customer contact points. It is therefore essential for companies to ensure data is qualitative from the moment it is collected, before it is integrated into applications.

DataQ and its modules ADDRESS, EMAIL, PHONE, MOBILE ID, and B2B respond to these challenges and provide companies with innovative and efficient technological solutions. These benefit from years of experience gained from daily use by hundreds of companies. In fact, DataQ handles more than 150 million requests per month.


Data Quality management integrated into your tools and CRM applications

The DataQ modular offering is easily implemented in e-Commerce portals, marketing, CRM, or point of sale tools. For data controls, API calls are made in full compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

To facilitate the implementation of DataQ, DQE offers a wide range of connectors available on the main market platforms (Cegid, Adobe Commerce, Magento, JS…). In particular, DataQ is available natively in Salesforce and can be deployed directly via the Appexchange.

DataQ is also available in SaaS mode for curative treatments, which are then located in the DQE cloud. Priced by the month, DataQ’s SaaS offering is the perfect answer to the needs of companies wishing to free themselves from the burden of hosting cloud infrastructure.

Quality control of customer data

A multidimensional quality process

Data quality, a requirement for your customer data

To get the most out of your data and meet your quality objectives, you must constantly improve your database and facilitate contact management. To achieve this, your best solution is a quality management system leaving nothing to chance. This includes quality control of the contact data stored in the database and control of the entries in all data sources.

Quality data, quality service

The validity of the contact data in the database and incoming data are the prerequisites for achieving the highest level of customer information quality. This means you have reliable metadata and reference data available to you, which can be used as a source of information in your various IT tools. This quality is essential to provide relevant customer relations, CRM, and marketing services likely to result in customer satisfaction..

Quality of internal and external data entry 

Ensuring real-time data entry accuracy is critical to maintaining consistent quality in the customer database. Integrate input quality with data collected from customers via web self-service or directly at the employee's desktop. In either case, validating the data entry in real time gives you true quality assurance of the entire volume of customer data entering the database.

Data quality and tool integration

Minimizing technical debt is one of the advantages setting the best data quality solutions apart. These advantages include a simple integration into the information system without excessive demands on your IT department in terms of data architecture, agility in data processing and corrective actions, data visualization in ergonomic interfaces, and dashboards, without the need for redevelopment.

Data quality to improve your performance

Qualified data and contact information better guarantee marketing and service operations are properly addressed to customers and prospects. This results in greater reach, more success, and happier customers. Your teams benefit directly thanks to the ability to delight customers with innovated and personalized service based on accurate information.

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