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Activate Data Quality to rate the reliability of contacts.


Verify the correctness of customer

If your services are exposed to customer data fraud scenarios, misrepresentation and misappropriation of contact and identity information are likely to be among the tactics you need to thwart.

That’s why verifying the trustworthiness of customer information is one of your top priorities for reducing risk in many transactions, especially concerning sales and credit.

At a time when customers can be versatile, this step must also be integrated into the customer journey without slowing it down. The formula therefore involves reconciling rigorous controls with a frictionless customer experience. 


Collect compliant data

In order to verify that a person really lives at the address indicated or has the subscription associated with their cell phone number, the information transmitted must be rated in comparison with a trusted data repository. DQE offers you several reliable solutions, which are quick and intuitive, for validating customer data reliably and for stopping fraud and non-payment, while guaranteeing compliance with GDPR.

Some fraud techniques that use contact or mobile data have proven to be a formidable threat, such as SIM swapping to obtain a victim’s phone number and validate payments associated with their bank account via SMS. The fine-grained criteria delivered by DQE on customer mobile data help to reveal this type of fraud, in particular by checking how recently the SIM card was activated. On another front, DQE verifies postal addresses against the USPS repository of more 45 million address names, so that it can spot any false addresses that may be a method used to hide a scam – for example, to avoid making installment payments by deadlines.

Many transactions are risk-sensitive and require rating of customer data based on criteria specific to your business. DQE participates in these control measures, in particular via its ID Mobile solution. With the user’s consent, this allows the user’s telephone operator to transmit the user data they have to your company, as the operator has already validated proof of address and identification documents for the user. Thus, the contact and identity data you receive is verified and accompanied by information that is also relevant for risk scoring, such as the mobile operator contracted by the customer.

On the user side, submitting a detailed form and providing supporting documents can quickly become a burden. As long as the contact data checks have already been made with their mobile operator, the DQE solution allows them to quickly and reliably carry out a transfer in a few clicks from the screen of their mobile phone. In concrete terms, thanks to the DQE solution, your company can offer the user an opportunity to allow their mobile operator to transmit their recorded user data to your company by their simply entering a confidential code received by SMS. This simple and reliable process meets the requirements of each party.

The customer data scoring proposed by DQE is perfectly compatible with the requirements of the GDPR, since it delivers an evaluation of the data, without transmitting any customer data itself. For example, the standardization of a mailing address according to the formats expected by USPS is done without associating the address with a person’s identity. This way, you can be sure that your data will be reliable and that it will be processed in accordance with regulations.

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