DQE One,
the most efficient data quality
management solution

DQE One, the data quality management solution enabling your success


DQE One, a modular customer data
quality management solution

Create your DQM solution by choosing which modules your organization needs.

Two processing methods

Batch mode

Perform one-off or recurring secure processing on existing client databases. This method is also called “Batch” processing.

Real Time

Instantly make data input reliable across all platforms (PoS, ERP, eCommerce website, CRM, etc.)


Choosing DQE means choosing:

functional coverage

to process all customer data: postal address check, telephone, email, and more.


with the most complete and reliable geographical frameworks available.


for rapid deployment on the main CRM and Cloud platforms on the market (Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe Commerce, etc.).

Robust and efficient

capable of processing large volumes of data.


built on our exclusive Smart Contextual Matching technology.

GDPR compliance

via anonymization and pseudonymization technologies activated during processing.

A team of experts

supported by a network of certified partners available to deploy large-scale data quality projects.

Data Quality Management by DQE

Data quality management allows you to make the most of customer data.

Customer data you can use with confidence

No matter how much customer data you have, DQE’s powerful algorithms can control its quality in real time, to clean your data processing.

Marketing performance and e-commerce

Increase the quality of both new data and data in the database, enhance your customer knowledge, and maximize the profitability of your marketing and e-commerce activity.

Customer service, data service, CRM and points of sale

Optimize user experience on forms with data entry assistance and real-time quality control.

Visualization of data quality

Track data cleanliness on a dashboard monitoring quality over time.

Data unification

Consolidate disparate customer data stored in your data repositories and used by your systems such as ERP and CRM without sacrificing quality or confidence.

Agile data integration

Enable fast and easy data integration for your IT department, providing access to qualified data from enterprise databases and data management systems.

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