Check the existence of landline or mobile, domestic and international phone numbers in real time at all customer data touchpoints


Collect valid phone numbers

Our PHONE solution enables you to check the existence of domestic or international phone numbers, landline or mobile, in real time at all customer data touchpoints.

To verify customer phone numbers already stored, our secure database processing programs can perform regular or one-off batch processing.

The PHONE solution incorporates several levels of verification and validation optimizing the collection of quality data to improve contact success rates.


Verification of the existence of the landline or mobile number with domestic and international operators.

Validation of phone number syntax, formatting and prefix according to  country.

Detection and exclusion of phone numbers not listed with domestic and international operators.

Indicates whether the phone line has recently been active or not.


Why use the PHONE module?

Phone numbers containing small input errors may have serious consequences for companies. It’s essential to ensure the validity of the phone numbers you collect. With our PHONE solution, phone number verification is quick and easy, whether in real time during collection or via database processing.

When used in real time, it offers a smooth input experience for customers, prospective customers, and even employees. With a reliable phone number database, your employees are operational immediately and can contact customers and prospective customers with total confidence.

The benefits of the PHONE module

Increased success rate

Optimization of text message campaign delivery rates and increase in the amount of completed calls.

Customer relationship

Improve customer relationships and satisfaction by keeping them easily informed throughout their buying journey.

Cost reduction

Lower costs due to stopped calls or text messages sent to invalid numbers.

Time saving

Reduction in the time teams spend calling invalid numbers.

Check your customers' phone numbers

Reachability, successful calls, efficient service: verified phone numbers add exponential value to your contact lists

Verified phone numbers are key pieces of information

The verification of landline or cell phone numbers allows for the correction of erroneous numbers. Trustworthy data validated by syntax correction and landline verification provides a greater chance of successful phone contact.  Reduce the amount of time your teams spend searching for numbers, dialing the wrong contacts, or otherwise wasting their time with unverified numbers. The certainty of being able to reach customers on their phone line generates efficiencies, greater success for customer and marketing teams, and optimized customer service.

Marketing with calls and texts: the benefits of verified phone numbers

The confidence generated by mobile number validation also improves the results of text message or phone call marketing campaigns. With validated contact information on mobile and fixed lines checked against phone operators, calls are successful and text messages are delivered to the right cell phone. For marketing teams, this level of data quality creates more opportunities for ROI and overall success. For customers, they can rest assured they’ll get information they need, like verification codes, and want, like discounts or exclusive offers.

Phone number check, a plus for the customer experience

Customers are most often asked to provide their phone number on their journey to receive the customer service they expect. Verification of mobile and telephone numbers contributes to customer satisfaction. Numbers validated with operators and standardized allow key teams to make the right association between number and person. Customers then receive reliable text messages at key stages of registration, confirmation, and delivery. They’ll also benefit from efficient service, like promptly fulfilled callback requests.