IT & CISO: offer the best Data Quality to your business lines

Frictionless deployment of the Data Quality expected by business lines.


Deploy an IT and security-compatible
data quality solution

The priority missions of your IT department & CISO include having to provide the business lines with solutions that meet their needs and guarantee their performance, all without sacrificing security or putting a burden on the IS.

However, among the many business lines that call on you, those working with customer data expect an IS structure that allows them to obtain a 360-degree view of their customers and to quickly query databases they can rely on.

DQE provides an answer to all these anticipated challenges in its Data Quality solutions.


IS, IT security, data services delivery: tune it all in!

DQE allows your IT teams and CISO to meet users’ needs, equipping them with solutions adapted to their uses, all without friction with IS and security constraints. In particular, DQE has provided everything for smooth integration, operation and evolution, without complicating the IS.


The DQE solution is fully GDPR compliant, and is in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification. In addition, its technical team is fully involved to ensure the security of the solution and the underlying infrastructure. Particularly in the case of a cyber attack, you can rest assured that DQE has anticipated the remediation measures and that it has teams ready to respond with minimal impact on your Data Quality Management operations. DQE is a trusted partner for CISOs within your IT teams.

DQE One is a complete and efficient solution for business lines, and is continuously monitored and optimized to meet the new expectations of users. These changes are essential so that it can remain THE Data Quality solution of the information system that meets all the needs of the business lines. Using DQE avoids you having to manage various specific and numerous developments, which may not evolve well over time and may make the IS more complex.


The DQE solution is dockerized on the main cloud providers on the market, and is interfaced by web services, or by connectors natively developed for the main CRM, ERP and cash register software solutions on the market. The DQE teams and integrators are able to deploy DQE in the company within a few days at most. This way, your IT team can avoid complex and costly projects and add Data Quality to the portfolio of business line solutions.


DQE’s offering covers the needs associated with Data Quality, allows users to take control of multiple deduplication rules, and offers query response times of tens of milliseconds. By integrating it into the information system, you can meet the data quality needs of your business lines using a single solution. This also ensures that employees can learn and use their DQE solution without overburdening your IT department – which benefits everyone.

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