Data Quality, an asset for CRM departments in customer relations

Enhance customer assets with reliable data.


Enrich customer relationships with reliable and comprehensive data

Building customer loyalty is above all about delivering customer satisfaction, which is largely achieved by feeling known and recognized. That's why your customer service and CRM tools must be based on reliable, comprehensive and unified customer data. This is necessary for obtaining a seamless customer experience and for delivering communications that are appropriate.

However, your contact databases may suffer from gaps and inaccuracies due to manual data entry at various contact points. And the phenomenon is multiplied tenfold if you proceed with bulk imports or mergers of scattered systems. As a result, the quality of interactions with your customers could be compromised.

Use case

Unlock the full potential of CRM Data Quality

Your customer service, call center, and CRM teams need a clean foundation in order to confidently manage customer relationships. This involves cleaning up the existing database, maintaining quality as new contacts enter the database, and unifying information into a 360-degree view of customers. DQE ensures that your customer relations teams have access to reliable and comprehensive customer information in order to interact with customers in a meaningful way.

In many contact form entry scenarios, employees are simultaneously in the middle of a conversation with customers. In order not to harm the interaction with disagreeable aspects, such as long waits, confusion or repetition, DQE offers smart forms that automate input as much as possible. In particular, they offer autocomplete of addresses with recognition to the nearest character according to the most reliable national reference systems, and instantly indicate the erroneous entry of an email or a telephone number. For your customer service agents, this means being able to fully dedicate themselves to listening to the customer.

DQE allows a unification of data which is crucial for knowing customers. By identifying all the data of a single customer between different databases, or dispersed within a single database, DQE builds a reliable, exhaustive and updated Golden Record, available to all collaborators. This means that your CRM and customer service teams can confidently leverage it to know who the customer is, what contact information to use, and what stage of the customer journey they are at. This 360-degree view avoids misunderstandings or inappropriate communications, and promotes timely, personalized exchanges with customers.

The Data Quality instilled by DQE in the databases used by customer services and CRM reinforces employee confidence in the data they handle. This increased trust supports a customer-centric culture as communication, personalization, value-added service and support initiatives become more seamless and effective with the right data. Data Quality by DQE thus directly feeds a customer-centric culture that is rewarding for your teams.

DQE solutions identify and automatically correct erroneous mailing addresses and phone numbers, flag emails that no longer work, and assist with accurate customer name entry, in the existing database as well as on-the-fly in the new information entered. In addition, your customer service and CRM departments benefit from a 360-degree view of each customer thanks to the unification of all the information captured at the various data contact points. As such, employees who communicate with your customers can personalize messages, addressing them to the right contact, taking into account where the customer is in their journey. Lastly, customer data directly feeds the quality of the relationship.

DQE allows us to have a unified and qualified customer data, a prerequisite to apply our targeting rules on a controlled basis. Our emailing campaigns have now increased deliverability with a 99% rate, but also a better opening rate.

Victoire Lausdat CRM Manager - IZAC

DQE is a must-have to restore the quality of a customer database and maintain it in real time. In emailing campaigns, it insures solving the problem of bounces on ISP servers.

Marion Camurat Head of Marketing - ZAION

DQE helps our customers enter their shipping and contact information quickly and easily. This seamless experience drives conversion rates, and controlled entries ensure smooth delivery and addressing operations.

Nicolas Ferré Product Manager - Kusmi Tea

DQE helps us to overcome many problems in the field, from the adoption of a data culture by field staff to the dynamic capture of customer knowledge by dealerships.

Joris Dulac CRM Manager -

In addition to the robustness of DQE technology, the team makes all the difference. There are real technical experts who truly understand the business challenges and use-cases. Our Data Quality project is running perfectly.

Vattana Chhay CRM & data manager - FITNESS PARK