Data Quality, the key to marketing campaign ROI

Marketing and Sales, boost campaign performance with Data Quality.


Clean up customer data to improve
campaign targeting

Have you noticed a disappointing ROI in some of your marketing or sales campaigns? This is often due to not being able to correctly get in touch with customers and prospects.

So that campaigns are better targeted and deliver increased performance, your marketing and sales departments have to first check data elements for contactability and identity, and reconcile those elements in order to give a 360-degree view of customers.

This level of customer knowledge is essential if you want to get results that meet your expectations.


Activate Data Quality in data-driven and profitable marketing

By taking control of the quality of customer contact data, you can get a unified view of your target market, not only in terms of its contactability and identity, but also in terms of its contact habits and preferences. DQE provides your marketing department with the data quality it needs to improve campaign performance and avoid unnecessary costs.

A clean customer contact database ensures reliable contactability. This avoids many of the losses in ROI for your campaigns. Among other things, the messages you broadcast reach existing individual email inboxes, actual active phone numbers, as well as providing direct delivery addresses or addresses for sales visits. These scenarios eliminate the costs associated with mailings going to invalid addresses or brand damage with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) due to too many invalid email addresses. In addition, better delivered campaign messages deliver higher conversion rates. These are all factors that increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

The DQE solution allows deduplication and unification of data according to the specific rules of your company’s business lines, since this solution is connected to all contact data collection tools. Your marketing and sales departments can rely on the most complete Golden Record, with the certainty that all information held for a customer is identified and associated with the right contact. This unified view facilitates relevant audience segmentation, such as identifying customers with high potential. Marketing and sales campaign performance benefits directly from this.

Harnessing customer contact and identity data gives you the power to take the customer experience to the next level. Prospects and customers are more likely to pay attention to a brand that knows who they are and demonstrates so in their campaign. DQE makes it possible to control all the parameters of a high-quality message, down to the smallest detail. For example, a correctly spelled name, a correctly identified first name, or messages that are not sent in duplicate or triplicate by mistake.

The relevance of marketing and sales campaigns depends on the quality of the contacts. By combining targeted messages, guaranteed deliverability and error-free personalization, you have the means to appeal to your target audiences. In this way, the quality of the data contributes to your contacts being truly engaged, and encouraged to explore your brand more closely, notably via your website and social networks

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