Identification of people who have relocated and updating
French postal addresses

Identify people in France who have
relocated and enhance their new

With the RELOCATE module, only available in batch mode for France, don’t lose track of a customer due to a change of postal address in France, and don’t waste your time or money sending letters to your contacts’ former addresses either.

The RELOCATE module enables you to identify the contacts concerned by these changes of French postal address. Maintain the quality of your customer data and guarantee Data Quality Management practices by easily updating your customer databases through the identification of people who have relocated.

The two types of processing for people who have relocated


Detection of recipients who have relocated in France in a database (reported by La Poste, the French postal service, via an expired mail forwarding contract).

CHARADE processing

Updating of the French postal addresses of contacts who have relocated directly in your database. This processing is in batch mode.


Identify changes of postal address

Easily identify whether a contact in your database has relocated in France.

Integrate your contact’s new address in your systems.

Your teams can initiate corrective actions to deploy with the customers concerned.


Why use the RELOCATE module?

The RELOCATE module enables you to increase the performance of your mailing campaigns and control your marketing budgets. With RELOCATE, you alert your teams of the change of postal address in France as soon as the customer who has relocated gets in contact with the company. You put in place initiatives to ask the customers detected to enter their new French postal address. For example, by planning corrective campaigns or automatically asking the customer to update their address when they visit your website.

Les bénéfices du module RELOCATE

Cost reduction

Reduce the cost of sending letters due to undeliverable items.

Marketing ROI

Increase your conversion rates by optimizing the addressing of your communication or prospecting campaigns.

Customer loyalty

Keep in contact, build a lasting relationship with your customers and foster their loyalty.

Time saving

Avoid buying new postal address databases to be integrated and only rectify obsolete postal data.

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