API connector for Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Boost your online payment forms and the experience you offer your customers with DQE solutions.


Strengthen your e-commerce strategy with the DQE One solution

Adobe Commerce is an Open-Source e-commerce platform dedicated to the creation and administration of online sales websites, which enables retailers to offer unique and effective shopping experiences. For DQE and for Adobe Commerce, online buying experiences must be outstanding. In this way, DQE has developed a connector, in partnership with Adobe Commerce, to boost your online payment forms. Strengthen your e-commerce strategy by integrating the DQE One solution on your platform. The DQE connector for Adobe Commerce checks in real time that the customer data collected and saved on your platform is reliable.

Healthy and high-quality data supporting the objectives pursued by our partner:

  • offer a unique customer experience
  • optimize the user experience
  • enable the e-commerce teams to take informed, data-driven decisions

What are the benefits for Adobe Commerce customers?

Boosted conversion rate

DQE One improves the user and customer experience by accelerating and simplifying data entry at the payment stage.

Fast delivery of online purchases

The DQE connector for Adobe Commerce simplifies the input and verification of the shipping address before it enters your database to reduce the cost of missed deliveries.

Email deliverability guaranteed

By simplifying the input of e-mail addresses and checking in real time whether an e-mail address is correct and can be delivered to, the DQE connector for Adobe Commerce improves the deliverability of e-mail campaigns and the sender’s reputation.

Optimal customer relationship

Thanks to the verification of last names, first names and phone numbers, you can be sure to reach the right person at the right number easily (delivery notification, customer service calls, etc.).

Reduction of fraud

The verification of contact data and your customers’ identity at payment reduces the risk of fraud.