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BPCE Group

By piloting Data Quality with DQE, the BPCE group innovates for the advisors of the Caisses d’Epargne and Banques Populaires banking institutions.
As the second-largest banking group in France, BPCE is active in all areas of banking and insurance in its model of a cooperative and universal bank serving 36 million customers.

Thanks to the DQE technology, we have access to a very interesting quality of results. This performance allows us to correctly measure data quality within the BPCE group and all its banking establishments.

Antoine Mantelier
Head of Group Data Management - BPCE 
Use case
The BPCE Group is the second largest banking player in France and is active in retail banking and insurance in France with its two major networks Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne, as well as Banque Palatine and Oney. Like any player in the banking and insurance sector, the group and its entities meet legal obligations in terms of customer data, including the ability to reach their customers with the right contact information.  
With several million pieces of customer data in its database, the group relies on its Group Data Management department to steer its data roadmap and standardize practices between entities. This service also provides an operational brick as a center for industrializing data solutions for the 50 business units, including 40 banking establishments. “As far as customer data is concerned, reachability remains a major issue for our banking institutions. In order to verify the quality of a contact database of 14 million customers, our Group Data Management department was looking for a turnkey solution, without the need for development and powerful enough to handle this volume,” explained Antoine Mantelier, in charge of data governance and management in the department.
In addition to verifying the quality of the existing database, the project also aims to bring real-time checks to the workstations of the advisors in branches to control the customer information entered during appointments.
The BPCE Group has already validated and deployed DQE solutions in previous initiatives. As a trusted vendor with solutions approved by the group, DQE was quickly chosen for this new customer data verification project. Other arguments in favor of DQE’s technology include its power to handle large databases, the quality of the results provided, and the quality of the tests for scaling up.
In two months, the group put DataQ, DQE’s Data Quality Management solution, into production and verified the quality of 12 million emails and 14 million telephone numbers. This initial curative treatment of the database made it possible to identify data entry errors such as letter inversions, but above all, to confirm the existence and reachability of customers’ emails and telephone numbers.
Responding precisely to the needs of the business
Following the initial processing, DQE solutions are now used to regularly score the customer database. According to Antoine Mantelier, “DQE delivers very complete database scoring results, which provide BPCE entities with precise visibility on its quality level.
This scoring also helps the Group Data Management department to define its action plan according to identified priorities, for example, cleaning up invalid addresses or configuring alerts on the screen of advisors when the contact information of the customer with whom they are meeting needs updating. “With DQE, we are responding precisely to the need expressed by our advisors: to have the right phone numbers and email addresses that can be delivered,” said Antoine Mantelier.
Data Quality enriches the user experience
The DQE solutions will enable the BPCE group to enrich the data entry experience on customer data forms. Indeed, the group will equip its branches with DQE’s capabilities for autocompletion and real-time control of the accuracy of entries. These features speed up the entry of postal addresses, confirm in real time the validity of emails and phone numbers or the need for correction. “Autocompletion and real-time checks on the advisors’ workstations save them time and effort in customer relations. They can thus focus on what is essential: advice,” said Antoine Mantelier.
Autocompletion is also being considered for customer self-care on the group’s mobile banking applications to help them enter their email, postal address and telephone number. “By offering real-time control of data entry, DQE allows us to innovate to improve the experience of data users – branch advisors and customers on their own,” said Antoine Mantelier.


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Precise knowledge of the quality of customer data in the database
Decision support for Data Quality Management
Innovative user experience with autocompletion and real-time control

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